16 Fun Facts about the Cleugh Manor

1) 1,778 - Thats the number of working electric bulbs that light up the house.

2) 1572 - Is the estimated year where a milestone was laid describing the road that leads from Newcastle to Edinburgh. This was shifted on the Manor's grounds to protect it and is has been listed. 

3) 1893 - That is the year the house was completed.

4) 1889 - That is the year the first of the workers arrived to build the house and built wooden cottages to house themselves. The Black House on the grouds of the Manor is the last survivor of these cottages, and at the peak, there were more than 100 houses.

5) 37 - That is the number of rooms in the main house.

6) Over 10,000 - Birds and animal species can be found around the Manor and Northumberland Park.

7) Almost 50 feet - Is the height of the Celestial Suite of the Manor

8) The grounds around the Manor have been designated, Site of Special Scientific Interest because of the mosaic of heather and upland grassland and because it is home to breeding golden plover, dunlin and Osprey.

9) The surrounding grounds and Northumberland National Park is one of the last strongholds of Red Squirrel which are being driven out by the stronger more adaptable American Grey Squirrel introduced by Victorian's.

10) 2,300,000,000 - Is the number of gallons of fresh water being held in the lake.

11) 10,000,000 - is the amount of gallons of fresh water that can be supplied through the Reservoir.

12) 10,330 acres is the drainage area and land that has been used for the construction of the Reservoir.

13) Border Terrier -  These determined little dogs owe their name and character to John Robson of Kielder and John Dodd of Catcleugh, who became masters of the newly-named Border Foxhounds in 1857.

14) Giant sequoia was brought into cultivation in 1853 by Scotsman John D. Matthew, who collected a small quantity of seed in the Calaveras Grove, arriving with it in Scotland in August 1853. The Cleugh Manor has a few of these growing with age estimated to be about 50-70 years.

15) 264 acres is the size of the lake, which remains the only lake of its size in the country where traditional loch style mainly small, but hard fighting, wild brown trout is available.

16) The Celestial Suite of the House has over 31 Windows with many of them pointing at the skies. In the evening's you can see the clearest skies in all of Europe through these windows, enabling one to see the Milky Way's spiral arm with the naked eye.



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