Walter Laidlaw - Journey through the 'Cat's' Cleugh

The tiny haughs the green fail dyke

The Aiky Braes were there the same

As when we robb d the bummie byke

And play d at mony a merry game

The Skipping Burn was sparkling clear

And fragrant was the milk white thorn

The rose bloom d on the scented brier

The primrose did the braes adorn

We pu da bob for auld lang syne

And put a primrose in our breast

And where the honeysuckles twine

We sought and found a blackie's nest It had four gaibleks puir wee things

That rax d their necks and gapit wide

The auld anes flaffering on their wings

Were screaming as if us to chide

We rais d the grass bent by our feet

So as to leave no tracings there

And left them in their lone retreat

Their pleasant rural joys to share

We gaed and sat upon the stane

On which Prince Charlie sat when here

Spak o the happy days lang gane

And mony a friend and comrade dear

The scene was still unchang d but they

Were gone the old familiar faces

Wi changing time they d passed away

And strangers filled their vacant places

We stood beneath the elm tree

Upon whose boughs we used to swing

And viewed the Lambskins gowany lea

That back our youthful sports did bring

Here's Addie's Haugh and the Deil's Den

Where mony a hundred times we ve been

Dark Entries and the Cat's Cleugh Glen

Where ghosts and bogles oft were seen

We daundered up the auld Hawick Gate

Until we cam to Stand Alane

The setting sun showed it was late

We parted there to meet again



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